Texonics variety of high performance drying ovens offers a range of cabinet sizes and temperature capabilities to meet every application. All ovens have programmable controls and stainless steel interiors to prevent corrosion. Available options include inert atmosphere, HEPA filtration and Class A clean process capabilities.

The Hot Air Drying Oven is used for industrial purposes. It is also used in lab for experimentation. The Following are the specifications of Hot Air Drying Oven.

Technical Specification of Hot Air Drying Oven:
• Work Space 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.5 Mt to 2 X 2 X 2 Mt.
• Temp Range Ambient + 10 to 200 Deg.C.
• Temp. Tolerance +/ - 1 Deg .C.
• Temp. Control By Digital Temp.Controller.
• Power 230 / 440 VAC.

Construction Double wall type with :
• Interior 20 swg SS or MS Aluminum Paint.
• Exterior 20 swg SS or MS powder coated.
• Glass wool Insulation.
• Door Full front opening, double walled.
• Gasket Heavy duty for leak proofness.
• Hinges and Locks Heavy duty.